Pokemon GO APK


Pokemon GO Is a wonderful latest invention of GPS and location Based Android and IOS Games. Not only pokemon go support Android and IOS device but it has wonderful features for Mac and windows user also.Pokemon GO APK is free to play in every location of the world.Pokemon Go APK will show Exact your current Location Based on the area and will show you reality on mobile. You can not think that it is a games on android or IOS.

Pokemons apk
Junichi Masuda

The Pokemon go apk Developed by Niantic .It is Software Company in california. The main Composer is a Japanese Games lover  Junichi Masuda.It is realesed in july 6 but most areas it is released at july 16 2016 It has very nice augmented reality show in the mobile.


The Pokemon go apk  Game is free to play and can be pokemon go game download from www.pokemonsapk.com. If anyone wants to get more additional features he can buy the coins and credit. It is transferable from one mobile to another mobile through share it or bluetooth.


The Pokemon GO Apk is Mobile based but 100% augment reality show compatible with all devices.And There have another features is camera and GPS will give you the exact location and catch other pokemon.It will allow to catch the nearest players,battles, and virtual creatures.and if the camera capture is target anyone the person or player will be removed from that place by Pokemon GO APK. It is a really wonderful Video Games for enjoying anyone with his or her friends.

Pokemon GO APK

How to Play the Pokemon Go APk Games :


  • You have to install the pokemon go app file from pokemonsapk.com
  • Go to your phone and find the Pokemon Go app icon
  • Click the icon and can see the Niantic logo
  • You will be asked to give your date of birth
  • And will ask your location
  • You have to create an play game account
  • Then your player will create an avatar selecting hair, skin, and eye color, style and outfit.
  • After creating the avatar, it will display at the player’s current location along with a map of the player’s immediate surrounding.There will have some PokeStpops and Pokemon Gyms on the map.
  • You could see a half red and half white circle button, just click here then there will have four poke things : POKEMON, ITEMS,SHOP,POKEDEX. When you click on ITEM there will have Incense, Poke Ball, Camera, Egg Incubator. There you just click on the camera to send pokemon. From the SHOP Section you can purchase the points.

Pokemon GO APK


Pokemon GO Apk playing :

In the Pokemon GO APK player will go around like real world, and the avatar will also move along with the game’s map and the player.There may have different pokemon in different place in the world. For instance ; Water types pokemon can be found in water and near water .When a player encounter another player they can see each other and also can attack with pokemon.and can see the augmented reality(AR) mode.

Pokemon Go Apk level Earn :

There have various way to earn highest level in pokemon go.A players can rise his level getering the exerience level points.in the level five ,players are able to battle at a pokemon gym and can join some big team wise (Team Valor which is red), (Team Mystic which is blue) ,(Team Instinct which is yellow). In this level there have some difficulties, it may lose your team or win and many more.


How to Earn XP and Level Up in pokemon go apk :

It is little bit complex,it can be earn evolving, Capturing, hatching pokemon are the best ways to earn XP, as though from winning gym battles. There have some listing of XP rewards for performing various actions in Pokémon Go, based on the bonus value.

500 Xp for New Pokemon, 500Xp is for Evolve A pokemon, 200XP is for Hatch a Pokemon.


Pokemon Go APK Last released Version :

Version : Latest

Released date : 21 july 2016

Platform : Android and Iphone

Players : Single and Multiplayer

Size : 58.06 MB

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